The Road To Greatness

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The beginning of Great Deals started in community of the DMV. The nation's capital, DC and surrounding areas is known for it's history and culture. The DMV is famed with some of the best areas and wealthiest communities that United States has to offer. Although there are places that are notable due to the income there's a vast amount of working class people within the community. 



The Founder of Great Deals (DBA @GreatDealsDMV), Roy Browning (@RoyceDaRuler) is a native of the DMV. He is a product of a single parent household in a working class community. A latch-key kid with aspirations of better living he sought after money as so many youth do with little to no resources. Spending time in the neighborhoods that he called home he found himself becoming an entrepreneur at the early age of 12. Roy Browning has a background as an artist, as well as marketing and finance. 

The concept of Great Deal$ goes back as far as 2016. One of the business owners in Roy's network was looking to start a business; the product was cars. Through social media outreach Roy was able to ensure the several cars were sold. Thus the legend of Great Deal$ begins. Through social media and street marketing tactics Great Deal$ has grown through different levels of business.

As the journey continues we would like for you to become a part of our #RoadToGreatness. Becoming a great business takes time, we at Great Deal$ are dedicated to giving our community #GreatDeals. As our Grand Opening commences we would like for all that may have a need to purchase products to give us a chance. We have products at discounted prices just in time for back to school. Save money on your back to school shopping needs by shopping with us.


Make sure to watch the Youtube series: #Playbook: Road To GreatnessFollow the founder of Great Deals through the process of establishing not just a business, but a relentless pursuit of passion. 

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