Crawling Zombie

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Halloween Crawling Zombie

Scary Decorations 

Turn on the switch, there is a sensor on the eyebrows,when someone walk front the animated zombie props,his eyes will lighting,make scary sounds,and he could also crawl,it is a very realistic zombie animated props. It is a great decorations for Halloween Decorations,Haunted House,Bar, All Halloween Pranks or party.

Creeping Zombie Props For Your Horror Bloody Haunted House

Scary Yard  Decorations With Battery Operated Control

- Color: As shown
- Material: Resin
- Size: 80 x 35 x 30 cm
- High material: use the finest hardware, cloth and resin.
- Realistic Zombie Props, Very creepy: Turn on the switch, the zombies will climb to you.
- His eyes will glow, and then issue a terrible scream. Real crawling action with scary screaming sound will create a horrifying effect
- A funny and horrifying props for Halloween.


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